3D Wall sticker

3D Wall sticker
Surface: Brick
Material: XPE foam
One Piece Size: 27.55*30.3*0.27"(70x77x0.7 cm)
One Piece Area: 5.8 sq.ft(0.53 sq. meters) 
Information of 3D Wall Panels
. Made of XPE foam, with 3D molding and hot press forming process. 
. Flexible to install without special tools, like electric drill, brush. The wall panels can be cut to the size you need. 
. The wall panels are soft, self-adhesive, removable, wear-resistant, good waterproof, anti-collision and sound insulation. 
. The material is economic and eco-friendly. Its raw material is using independent closed-cell foam. 
. Effortless to clean. 
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