Home Flooring: Vinyl Versus Parquet-Which is Best for Summer?

Long ago, home flooring was only limited to simple tiles that covered the ground. As the industrial sector evolved, new types of covering layers were introduced into the market. For instance, you can find a wide array of viny, parquet, moquette, and even colorful carpets. So, let’s compare the vinyl and parquet flooring materials.

Home flooring

Vinyl Home Flooring

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic material used in interior flooring systems. You can easily cut the sheet, usually using a cutter, into the desired size. It is resistant to fluids like water. You can use it as a wonderful alternative for tiles in multiple rooms such as kitchens, toilets, and sleeping spaces. Besides that, the adaptability of the vinyl floor is extremely striking. Most importantly, it is a “quiet” material, so when you walk, your footsteps won’t cause any noise.

Parquet Home Flooring

On the other hand, parquet is a made of wood. It comes in various geometric patterns which add an aesthetic touch to the floor. It creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, so it is convenient to use in bedrooms and living rooms. You can find a wide selection of parquet at Chaaban Bros to add some elegance to your home’s interior.  

Summer Interior Flooring: Vinyl or Parquet?

Indeed, it is worth to note that vinyl is a cool material, but it expands a little during hot weather. So, the flooring layer might get ruined; and once deformed, you cannot repair the vinyl floor after it is glued. In contrast, parquet does not exhibit this expanding feature and retains its size regardless of the season. Parquet also has a longer life span, but it is a warm material. Thus, this renders it inconvenient for summer. To solve the issue, you can layer vinyl over a parquet home flooring and enjoy a cooler summer.

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