Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds reduce sunlight entering the room and protect you from UV rays. These roller blinds are suitable for your home and office to enjoy your privacy and feel comfortable in your room. Also, they give the place a contemporary and attractive look. Made up of two layers of fabric, they are the ideal solution for all day and night to control light. Our blog outlines the top pros and cons of Zebra blinds Lebanon.

Zebra Blinds Lebanon

Pros of Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are manufactured from two layers of fabric that combine the opaque to allow the passage of light and the solid strips to block out light. Unlike other blinds, the Zebra blinds are unique and add a trendy and opulent style to your home decor with their stripped pattern. In addition, the diversity of these blinds enables you to combine materials to get light and the specific size of the strips to have a stunning view from the window. Indeed, you can control darkness and light at the same time with these special blinds. Additionally, you can save energy when installing these blinds so that your home can be cosy and warm during winter and cool during summer. Moreover, they ensure ultimate privacy and beautify your home interior.


These roller blinds have disadvantages despite their top benefits. They are prone to damage like Venetian blinds. When they are closed, they block light, preventing you from seeing the outer view. Additionally, the presence of their gaps is a problem here, as they allow light to enter the room. 
All in all, Zebra blinds Lebanon can be your ideal choice if you want to upgrade your home interior. They offer unique features that enable you to control light and privacy. Chaaban Bros provides you with high quality products! Contact us.

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