Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is your best choice for water resistance flooring! Your favourite flooring choice reflects cleanliness and perfection for a better home design. Vinyl flooring fits kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Vinyl plank Flooring is strong, easy to install, and comfortable underfoot. Vinyl Tile Flooring is designed to simulate stone or ceramic tiles. A better place for your business company, you can choose VCT Tile Flooring.You can find the luxurious vinyl samples at Chaaban Bros.

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Parquet is a type of wood flooring arranged in a geometric pattern. It gives your home a trendy and elegant design and adds a decorative effect to your interiors. In addition, wood parquet flooring has fixed dimensions. Because parquet is made up of wood, it is natural and provides warmth and comfort. Find a wide variety of parquet flooring at Chaaban Bros.

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Moquette flooring is a carpet fabric that is durable, hardwearing, and disguises the signs of dirt. It provides an elegant look for your home decor as well as your offices. Furthermore, moquette provides safety, comfort, and thermal and sound isolation. A moquette rug provides you with warmth in the winter season. Buy the best quality of moquette from Chaaban Bros.

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Whether in the bedroom or at the office, choosing the right flooring surface for your space has the potential to change the entire outlook. Chaaban Bros has a wide collection of flooring to suit every need and budget, including vinyl, parquet and moquette.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to lay the flooring away from the main light source. In other words, this means that you have to run it from the front door; straight to the back of the house if you’re installing an entire floor.

We would recommend using a cleaner specifically made for your chosen floor with a lightly damp mop.