Folding Doors

Folding doors, made of vertical panels, open by folding in the panels giving maximum space to the area around for your home decor. 

Folding Design makes it flexible, smooth, imaginative, elegant, and space saving for small rooms. PVC Folding Doors are the fastest, easiest way to divide space. Folding doors are manufactured at our workshop from Italian raw material custom made for many sizes in a variety of colours.

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PVC ceiling panels solve the problem of dirty and unhygienic ceilings that are difficult to clean by providing a bright, durable and hygienic surface. Our PVC panels are the best alternative to waterproof your ceiling. Ideal for covering the ceilings in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, and any indoor area. PVC panels are manufactured at our workshop.

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Polyvinyl chloride is the most effective and widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. PVC is best used in commercial and residential places. PVC is the best alternative for a better ceiling and doors that are long lasting and easy to use.

Unlike PVC Gypsum Ceiling, PVC ceiling panels are affordable and last for many years without warping. Moreover, PVC is manufactured at our Italian raw material workshop that enables you to find home inspiration from amazing collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

PVC false ceiling is the best choice of home owners because it is resistant to water and more affordable.

False PVC ceilings can be used to insulate thermal energy.

It depends on the size and type. You can contact us for more details at: