Wallpapers are the world’s top 1 global design for your home décor. Indeed, wallpapers beautify your interior design style and are used for domestic and public buildings. They can be used to decorate the walls of bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. A perfect style of wall paper can hide imperfect walls of your room. Find your ideal, aesthetic and cool wallpapers at Chaaban Bros. They will inspire you!

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Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are a combination of tile sizes, colours, and shapes that add pops of colour to your home. What is special about mosaics is that they are easy to clean and can design a special space in your bathroom. In addition, they can resist chemicals, and they are durable. It is an eye- catchy and stylish choice that will surpass any trend.

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Foam Cornice

If you want to protect your top of the wall and ceiling, use foam cornice. They are durable, resistant to humidity and water, and provide thermal insulation for any basement, bathroom, and kitchen. To improve your bedroom interior design, use foam cornice that gives an outstanding look for the ceiling of the room.

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3D Stickers

3D stickers are the most recent addition to Chaaban Bro’s wall system collection. They are characterised by 3 dimensional appearances. Indeed, they are easy to apply and durable. 3d stickers are made up of vinyl that can be stocked on windows, walls, and ceilings. Make your wall attractive by decorating it with 3d stickers from Chaaban Bros.

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Wall System

Wall systems are designed to add an attractive touch for your rooms. They can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and more. Wall system is a handicraft item that decorates your interior design style, like wallpaper, 3D stickers, and mosaic tiles. Viisit our store to choose your personal wall system.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is used to support ceiling, floors, and roofs and to provide shelter security.

The wall is made up of six layers that give you a solid and comfortable home.

If you want to collect from one of our stores you can do so by leaving a collect from store note in the checkout. When your items are ready for collection we will send you an email.